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Coplay Sports Wildcats

Coplay Sports Wildcats

Tournament Rules

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Major League Rules apply except for the following "special rules":

1. Field:
Bases: 60 feet
b. Pitching Distance: 44 feet 

2. Game:
Teams must have nine players to start a game.  In the event of an injury, a team may continue with eight players.
b. However, an out is recorded each time the injured player is due up.  
c. Regular length of game is six innings. Exception: In the event a team holds a ten-run lead on completion of 4  innings, team holding lead will be declared the winner.  Home team doesn’t bat if ahead by ten after 3 ½ innings.  But, anytime after the 4th inning, the game is complete once a team has a ten-run lead. 

3. Player Eligibility:
a. Boys or girls who have not reached their 10th birthday prior to May 1st of the current yearThis means that it is possible for a 10 year-old to play if their birthday is May 2nd and so on.  You are required to bring birth certificates. If the opposing team challenges a player, you must have his/her birth certificate available.
Player does not play!

4. Defense:
a. Free substitution. Each player must play a minimum of two defensive innings. This does not apply if the game goes less than six innings. Teams police themselves.
b. 10 defensive players may be used. If using 10, four outfielders must be used in an umbrella alignment. No short fielder!

5. Pitching:
a. An individual player may pitch a MAXIMUM of three innings per game. One pitch in an inning is considered one inning pitched (no 1/3 of innings). A pitcher can make only one appearance per game; he/she may not leave mound and return to pitch in the same game.
b. Limit of three bases on balls per time at bat (each half inning). Hit batter is not a walk!

6. Batting:
a. Each team will bat the entire roster. 
b. Protective headgear must be worn by the batter and each base runner.
c. NO bunting!
d. Batter is out on a dropped 3rd strike.
. NO infield fly rule in effect.
f. Bats: 2 ¾” Maximum Barrel.

7. Base Running:       
a. A batter that walks must stop at 1st unless ball four was a passed ball.  Player then may advance at own risk.
b. No stealing allowed! However, runners may advance on a passed ball at own risk.
c. Passed Ball = an imaginary line that extends sideways from the catcher, the pitched ball must go behind the line to be a "passed ball".  Umpires' judgment!
d. Runners may not leave the bag until the ball is past the batter. 1st violation = team warning, 2nd violation = runner is out!  Only one warning per team per game.
e. Runner cannot score from 3rd to home on passed ball unless catcher makes a play behind him/her. 
f. Sliding is allowed! Sliding at "Home" is MANDATORY when there is a play at the plate.  Penalty: runner is out!
g. A courtesy runner may be used for the catcher when there are two outs. The runner will be the player who made the second out. A team must choose before the game whether or not to use the courtesy runner.  Whichever way you start the game, you must continue the entire game. 

Any questions call Chris Schmidt (610-533-5005) OR Jim Emerick (610-442-3390). 



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